Satellite DISH Installation Options

Are you a TV fanatic? Are you frustrated with distorted and unclear cable TV signals? Do you often get a transmission error during your favorite live TV show or sports telecast? If yes, then you should consider satellite dish installation.

To get the best in TV and enjoy the ultimate TV viewing experience with clear signals and no distortion, subscribing with a reliable satellite TV service provider is always a good idea. In the US, there are many satellite TV service companies that offer great subscription packages to customers at an economical price and with value added features.

Benefits of a Satellite Dish Installed in Your Home

Once you get a satellite dish installed in your home, you can access the world of entertainment. Here are some of the many benefits you can enjoy once you get a satellite dish installed in your home:

1.       With a Satellite dish, you don’t have to worry about the range of the radio signals. Since it is a wireless system, television programming is delivered to the viewer’s TV directly.

2.       Unlike broadcast or cable TV, with satellite dish you don’t have to worry about whether your TV antenna is in the direct line of sight of the transmitting antenna or if there is any big obstacle in between that could block the transmission of radio waves to your TV set.

3.       Once you get a satellite dish installed, you can enjoy quality programming.

4.       You can choose from a wide range of both local and international channels. So whether it’s English programming or international programming, you can watch all.

5.       Some satellite TV services like Dish, you can watch live programs on the go while travelling.

6.       Satellite TV providers also offer television viewers HD DVR’s with smart connections that enables viewers to record live prime time TV shows and watch it on their smart phones and computer.

Satellite Dish

To enjoy and access to satellite TV programming, you first need to subscribe with a satellite television service provider.  The service provider will provide you a satellite dish to enable you to catch satellite TV programming. A satellite dish is a circular dish shaped device with a parabolic antenna designed to receive microwaves from geostationary communication satellites.

Previously when satellite dish were newly introduced they were bigger and heavier in size. But today, they have become compact which is why they occupy less space. And besides they don’t lower the aesthetic appeal of your home either like the big sized dish that was available a few years back.

Satellite Dish Installation Options

To receive proper satellite reception, mounting a satellite dish properly is of utmost important. However, the good news for home owners is that they can choose from a variety of satellite dish installations options according to their needs.

Here are some of the best mounting options that you can choose from:

Roof Mount or Standard Wall Dish Mount
This type of standard wall dish mount has a curved bar with a base attached to it. With the help of screws you can easily attach the base to the roof of your home.

Commdeck Roof Mount
If you have a shingled roof, then Commdeck roof mount will be a good choice for you to ensure proper installation of the satellite dish in your residential landscape.  It is easily installed on shingles without damaging the roof and the aesthetic appeal of your roofing. It has a built in cable storage area which eliminates exposed wiring and also provides a weather tight mounting platform.

Under Eave Mount
This is another option for satellite dish installation and an ideal choice for home owners with tiled roof tops. It is free of obstructions. There are three sections to this type of mount. It has a main brace which is the section on which the dish is mounted. It has two extra braces that are attached to the main brace for support. The two braces support the rear, bottom and front of the eave.

Tripod Dish Mounts
If you live in area that is prone to strong winds, then a tripod dish mount is perfect for you. Tripod can be easily mounted on the roof and is designed to withstand strong winds. It is usually three feet or 5 feet tall. It has a bolt pattern on the feet that is staggered. This prevents the surface from splitting during high wind pressure.

Recessed Eave Mount
This is also a durable option for mounting dishes for homeowners with tiled roof tops. To mount a recessed eave, you don’t have to drill holes on your roof. Plus it can be installed in minutes and at an angle of up to 40 degrees.

Downspout Mount
Downspout mounts are usually found in areas where homeowners associations do not allow home owners to locate satellite dishes on the roof as they don’t want the dishes to be visible from the road. Therefore a downspout strap is attached and securely anchored to a suitable corner of the home and then the dish is mounted on it. However, a downspout has a maximum 18 pound weight limit therefore the dish installed should not be heavier than this weight.

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