DishNET High Speed Internet

Are you tired of waiting hours for downloads and feel like you’re moving sluggishly around the Web? Idaho customers searching for a better online experience are discovering the lightning-fast speeds of DISH Network Internet. Once you feel the difference, you’ll never want to go back to your old “high speed” Internet.

Kuna, Boise, Meridian and other Idaho regions are Alpha Satellite territory. We’re the local source for all your home entertainment needs. In addition to providing a complete range of DISH Network and DIRECTV satellite products, we also offer DISH Network Internet featuring:

  • Speeds as fast as 4G
  • Special discounts with DISH Network bundles
  • As much as 15GB anytime data and 15GB off-peak bonus data

The Freedom of DISH High Speed Internet

We offer DISH Network Internet to help our Idaho customers break free from expensive cable bundles and slow, unreliable Internet service. DishNET high-speed Internet is available anywhere and is priced in multiple plans to fit your speed and data needs. As an authorized supplier of DISH high-speed Internet, we offer:

  • Budget-friendly tiered pricing levels
  • Straightforward single-bill convenience
  • 24/7 DISH Network Internet customer support





Alpha Satellite for High Speed Internet in Idaho

When you add DISH Network Internet to our other DISH home satellite and mobile entertainment products, you get a powerful combination that’s a total game-changer. And the more great features you choose to bundle, the more money you save off your monthly bill. Alpha Satellite makes it simple to sign up for high speed Internet in Meridian, Kuna and all across Idaho. Experience free installation, no activation fees and zero-obligation price quotes.

Ready to experience the high-speed Internet Idaho has been waiting for? Contact us today for more information and boost your online capabilities by subscribing to DISH Network Internet!