Compare DirecTV

Both DISH and DIRECTV offer excellent satellite TV services. However, DISH offers you far more superior technology and features at better price points. With features such as free Hopper upgrade, free installation in up to 6 rooms, 30+ premium channels, Commercial free TV with Hopper and 24/7 customer service, DISH beats DIRECTV. Read through our detailed comparison between the two and you will understand why DISH is the right choice for you.


Hopper Transfers With the DISH Network Hopper customers are able to transfer all DVR recording onto their mobile devices for off-line viewing FREE. DIRECTV requires the purchase of additional equipment for this feature.
Free Hopper Upgrade DISH offers one free Hopper upgrade with qualifying packages allowing for live streaming of all channels on mobile devices via the Dish Anywhere app. Monthly fees apply. DIRECTV offers a free Genie upgrade but then charges up to an additional $149 to watch select live channels on mobile devices.
DVR Storage Capacity With the Hopper’s massive 2 TB hard drive customers enjoy up to 2000 hrs worth of TV programming.  If that wasn’t enough, stick two Hoppers together for an even bigger 4 TB hard drive recording capacity. DIRECTV’s Genie does its best with a 1TB hard drive.
No commitment plans With FlexTV customers can enjoy great TV programming without contracts. DIRECTV advertises no such plan.
College Sports Programming DISH brings a heavyweight lineup with the PAC-12, The SEC Network, Big Ten Network, and the Longhorn Network DIRECTV currently has The SEC Network & Big Ten Network.
SiriusXM Music Channels 70+ Sirius Channels DIRECTV does not carry SiriusXM
Pause in One Room & Resume In Another With the Hopper customer scan pick right back up in their favorite show, but in another room. Unable to resume from the exact point where customer paused.
DISH Anywhere Technology All Live TV and DVR recordings DVR recordings only
Maximum Number of Simultaneous Recordings 6 recordings during primetime* 5 recordings
On Demand Options When connected to broadband internet Access to more than 15,000 IPVOD titles Access to more than 7,000 IPVOD titles
On Demand Options When NOT connected to broadband Internet Access to 80 new release titles Access to 12 new release titles
Integrated AppsPandora, Facebook, Twitter, weather, news, and more Available on Hopper & Joey Available on Genie only
Automatically record primetime shows with the Hopper*
Instantly skip commercials in select recorded primetime shows with the Hopper*
GameFinder application. Track favorite teams and record from within the app.
Remote Control Locator

*feature must be enabled by customer