Should I Beware of Satellite Door Knockers?

satellite door knockersHave you ever been in a situation in which you ended up buying a product that you probably didn’t need but somehow the salesperson was so darn good that he/she convinced you into purchasing it? Well, I have been in this situation a couple of times and it’s funny how it happens. You tell the doorknocker you don’t want it and the next thing you’ve bought it.

Though door knocking sales techniques is one of the oldest ways of selling products and services but it’s still quite effective and pretty much used by many companies across industries. The reason why this sales method is so effective is due to its face to face consultative selling nature.

Now as this sales method is so common in our society, many scammers have also adopted this technique. They disguise themselves as sales representatives of a company and then trick people into buying expensive products and services. These fly by night sales representatives really know how to put up a gimmick and deceive others. And this is exactly why there has been a massive increase in complaints of shady, unscrupulous and pushy doorknocker agents over the years across the US.

The act of shady door knockers is particularly more common in markets experiencing high consumer demand such as satellite TV industry. If you are looking for a satellite TV service provider you’d be probably interested in what the satellite salesperson is offering to you, but how will you know if the sales agent is a real representative of the company or a fraud? How will you protect yourself and ensure that you’re not being taken advantage of?

How to Stay Safe from Shady Doorknockers?

This has been quite a concern for many lately, so to help you identify a scammer and protect you from being scammed I have listed down 7 things that you should be aware of when you are put in a situation like this:

  1. Identification– Before you let the door knocking sales agent inside your home, check the agent’s badge or license that the state local jurisdiction issues.
  2. Too good to be true– If the salesperson is offering too good to be true deals, being too flexible and making changes then and there to convince you into buying it, then you need to beware of such people because it’s probably too good to be true and definitely a gimmick.
  3. Check and Verify– To be safe you can call the company and verify the salespersons credentials with the company he/she claims to be associated with. This will take a couple of minutes but at least you’ll be protected from signing up with a fraudulent satellite TV sales agent.
  4. If you already have a satellite TV service and the door knocking sales person says that the “equipment you own is defective or faulty” although it has been working fine for years then you need to be careful because he/she might be a scammer.
  5. Always read the documents presented to you for sign up carefully to see all incentives and promotions are reflected fully.
  6. Never settle for the representative identification number when signing up. Always verify the names of the salespeople dealing with you and make sure their names clearly show on the paperwork they provide you with.
  7. Buy Local – When in doubt deal with sales representative from local companies that you can easily reach out to.

Local companies have a vested interest in making sure customers are satisfied and properly serviced.  Out-of-state companies, many times, are in and out of an area in weeks can find it difficult to come back to service customers, months later when issues with service arise.

So, next time when there is a satellite TV sales agent at your door, keep these things in mind before you sign up.

The door-to-door sales process has always been the backbone of Alpha Home Systems.  Alpha Home Systems believes in the going door-to-door to meet face-to-face with our customers and provide great service to those who may not know about the wonderful products and service available today.  Alpha Home Systems has a team of highly-trained and professional door-to-door sales staff who are always compliant with all state and local laws and only deal in integrity. That’s one of the reasons we’ve lasted this long.

If you ever find an Alpha Home Systems door-to-door representative at your door, you can count on dealing with a professional consultant who’s #1 goal is helping you get what you want, at a price that’s right.