America’s Everything Pack

Sale Price: $144.99

Channels: 315+
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Entertainment and variety come together in America’s Everything Pak, DISH’s most exclusive package. Enjoy over 315 of your favorite channels, including Showtime, Fox Movie Channel, and Nat Geo WILD! America’s Everything Pak features an unbeatable selection of, well, everything—all at a price you can’t ignore! Plus, get all of your favorite local channels (where available) at no additional cost!

What’s Included:

315+ Channels, including HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, Starz, and more!

Special Offers:

Don’t forget to ask your DISH representative if you qualify for any of these great promotional offers:

    • Free Installation ($99 value)
    • Free Activation ($99 value)
    • Free Hopper Whole—Home HD DVR ($299 value)
    • HD Free for LIFE
    • Free Showtime©, Cinemax, and Starz for 3 months ($171 value)
    • HBO included for ONE FULL YEAR ($180 value)
    • Protection Plan Free for 6 months ($48 value)


Promotional offers vary based on plan agreements.

Free Installation
Valid with DHA24 Standard agreement. Standard Professional Installation includes typical installation of one single-dish antenna configuration, typical hook-up of eligible receiver configuration to up to 6 TVs and equipment testing. More complex installations may require additional fees; other installation restrictions apply.

Free Activation
Valid with DHA24 Standard agreement.

Free Hopper Whole—Home HD DVR

Ever since the unveiling of the 4K HOPPER 3™ Smart DVR, experts have been blown away by its slimmer design, increased storage capacity, and added 4K HD features. CNET praised it as “the most powerful and feature-packed DVR to date.” PCMag gave the HOPPER 3 its coveted Best Home Theater Gear award. And if that wasn’t enough, WIRED even called the DISH HOPPER 3 “the most ludicrously powerful cable box ever.” The experts agree that DISH has made America’s best DVR better.

  • 4K HD available
  • More HD storage

But don’t just take their word for it, DISH is confident that you’ll fall in love with the HOPPER 3 when you order a DISH package today. You can add a HOPPER 3 to any DISH package for the low monthly cost of $10. Paired with its Joeys the Hopper Whole-Home system lets you to set and watch recordings in up to 6 rooms. Have multiple 4K TVs? Ask about the new 4K Joeys for the exact same price $5/mo. Need a Wireless option for a TV out in a shop or backyard? The wireless Joeys extend your range without running any new wires making for a room that can be moved throughout the house.

HD Receivers
Monthly DVR Service Fee and Additional Receiver Fees are guaranteed for 24 months for customers who qualify for and select the 2-Year TV Price Guarantee Offer. The Hopper DVR Service Fee is discounted by $5/month for 24 months for customers who add Hopper to their offer.

Free Encore, Showtime, Starz and the Dish Movie Pack for 3 months
Premium Movie Package Offer: Receive a credit equal to the monthly cost of Showtime, Cinemax, Starz, and the Dish Movie Pack for free your first 3 months. Alpha Home Systems customer service team will call you to remind you to cancel those offers if you do not want to keep them! Offer value is $171.

Free HBO free for a Year
Dish is now offering free HBO and HBO GO membership for an entire year, another 180$ in savings!

Protection Plan Free for 6 months
$8/month thereafter.