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New Cell Phone Technology For 2015

foldable phonesCell phone’s have evolved ever since the original iPhone release. Innovation has been sprawling at a consistent rate and manufacturers are putting more money and resources into research and development than ever before.

This is leading to a whole new range of cell phone technologies and features that we can expect to land soon on the market. Some of these amazing innovations and features are already widely available. Below we will discuss some of the biggest cell phone technologies that you should expect to see in 2015.

1. Bigger Displays.

While a lot of people thought that Steve Jobs was right about the world not wanting a bigger phone than 4 inches, Samsung pushed the boundaries and it paid off – big time. Samsung was the originator of the ‘phablet’ and the market for these bigger display devices has taken off at a furious pace. In 2015, you can expect more phones to push the boundaries on size and offer bigger and bigger phones.

2. Flex Screen Technology.

LG showed off this amazing technology last year in their ‘flex phone.’ This year, they have announced a revised and better version that is planning to hit the market in 2015. This is one of the best and most interesting innovations in the cell phone arena because it could change the way we use and view cell phones on day. Imagine being able to bend your phone into your pocket. Or imagine a phone that you can fold into your wallet. The day might not be too far away from here. For now, the flex screen technology only offers the ability to bend it a little bit, but it still leads to more durable screens and better viewing angles. It is a great technology that is here to stay.

3. 4K Screens.

Everyone has likely seen that 4K screen technology is taking over the television and monitor markets. The truth is, the usefulness of this technology likely doesn’t extend to smaller devices such as smartphones. However, that is not stopping cell phone companies like LG from introducing 4K displays on their newest smart phones. Their newest offering, the LG G3 offers users a 4K display that is also capable of shooting video in 4K resolution, as well. This is huge for users that plan on investing in either a 4K capable television or monitor as it will allow them to view their videos and media shot on their phones in 4K resolution.

Clearly, the technology in cell phones is developing at a rapid pace. We have discussed only some of the newest technology that is hitting the cell phone market this year. There are tons more innovations coming and it is an exciting year for the cell phone industry. If you plan on purchasing a new cell phone this year, expect to have a variety of choices from which to choose from. It is a great time to be a consumer in the cell phone industry.

It hasn’t been long since all we could was dial out and receive incoming calls on our phones.  Nowadays with the advanced technology out there, we’re able to do amazing things that only a short number of years ago many didn’t think would be possible.  One of which is the ability to watch live and recorded high-definition television and movies directly on our smartphones.  With DISH Anywhere customers are given the ability to watch every live, recorded and on demand movie and television show that they subscribe to in crystal clear picture.  The best part is, it’s absolutely free for new customers owning the advanced Hopper HD/DVR system.

For those simply going down the street, or those heading across the world, DISH Anywhere will be right there on your smartphone when you need it.  For questions about how DISH Anywhere works and how you can make it apart of your everyday entertainment needs, contact us today at 1-208-475-4440 or click the Get Started button to build your quote online now!

Satellite DISH Installation Options

Are you a TV fanatic? Are you frustrated with distorted and unclear cable TV signals? Do you often get a transmission error during your favorite live TV show or sports telecast? If yes, then you should consider satellite dish installation.

To get the best in TV and enjoy the ultimate TV viewing experience with clear signals and no distortion, subscribing with a reliable satellite TV service provider is always a good idea. In the US, there are many satellite TV service companies that offer great subscription packages to customers at an economical price and with value added features.

Benefits of a Satellite Dish Installed in Your Home

Once you get a satellite dish installed in your home, you can access the world of entertainment. Here are some of the many benefits you can enjoy once you get a satellite dish installed in your home:

1.       With a Satellite dish, you don’t have to worry about the range of the radio signals. Since it is a wireless system, television programming is delivered to the viewer’s TV directly.

2.       Unlike broadcast or cable TV, with satellite dish you don’t have to worry about whether your TV antenna is in the direct line of sight of the transmitting antenna or if there is any big obstacle in between that could block the transmission of radio waves to your TV set.

3.       Once you get a satellite dish installed, you can enjoy quality programming.

4.       You can choose from a wide range of both local and international channels. So whether it’s English programming or international programming, you can watch all.

5.       Some satellite TV services like Dish, you can watch live programs on the go while travelling.

6.       Satellite TV providers also offer television viewers HD DVR’s with smart connections that enables viewers to record live prime time TV shows and watch it on their smart phones and computer.

Satellite Dish

To enjoy and access to satellite TV programming, you first need to subscribe with a satellite television service provider.  The service provider will provide you a satellite dish to enable you to catch satellite TV programming. A satellite dish is a circular dish shaped device with a parabolic antenna designed to receive microwaves from geostationary communication satellites.

Previously when satellite dish were newly introduced they were bigger and heavier in size. But today, they have become compact which is why they occupy less space. And besides they don’t lower the aesthetic appeal of your home either like the big sized dish that was available a few years back.

Satellite Dish Installation Options

To receive proper satellite reception, mounting a satellite dish properly is of utmost important. However, the good news for home owners is that they can choose from a variety of satellite dish installations options according to their needs.

Here are some of the best mounting options that you can choose from:

Roof Mount or Standard Wall Dish Mount
This type of standard wall dish mount has a curved bar with a base attached to it. With the help of screws you can easily attach the base to the roof of your home.

Commdeck Roof Mount
If you have a shingled roof, then Commdeck roof mount will be a good choice for you to ensure proper installation of the satellite dish in your residential landscape.  It is easily installed on shingles without damaging the roof and the aesthetic appeal of your roofing. It has a built in cable storage area which eliminates exposed wiring and also provides a weather tight mounting platform.

Under Eave Mount
This is another option for satellite dish installation and an ideal choice for home owners with tiled roof tops. It is free of obstructions. There are three sections to this type of mount. It has a main brace which is the section on which the dish is mounted. It has two extra braces that are attached to the main brace for support. The two braces support the rear, bottom and front of the eave.

Tripod Dish Mounts
If you live in area that is prone to strong winds, then a tripod dish mount is perfect for you. Tripod can be easily mounted on the roof and is designed to withstand strong winds. It is usually three feet or 5 feet tall. It has a bolt pattern on the feet that is staggered. This prevents the surface from splitting during high wind pressure.

Recessed Eave Mount
This is also a durable option for mounting dishes for homeowners with tiled roof tops. To mount a recessed eave, you don’t have to drill holes on your roof. Plus it can be installed in minutes and at an angle of up to 40 degrees.

Downspout Mount
Downspout mounts are usually found in areas where homeowners associations do not allow home owners to locate satellite dishes on the roof as they don’t want the dishes to be visible from the road. Therefore a downspout strap is attached and securely anchored to a suitable corner of the home and then the dish is mounted on it. However, a downspout has a maximum 18 pound weight limit therefore the dish installed should not be heavier than this weight.

When choosing Alpha Home Systems, there’s nothing our professional installers can’t do in order to get you up and watching your favorite shows within hours.  Contact us today at 1-208-475-4440 today for your FREE installation.

DISH New Sling TV Service Announced at CES

sling tv

It has been a long time coming but DISH is finally making the move towards more a la carte type television services that customers have been asking for with the announcement of the DISH New Sling TV service at the CES Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV. Sling TV by DISH will allow viewers to access live channels and on-demand content by way of their internet mobile devices and internet connected televisions. Best things about the new service is no contract. Customers will be able to come and go as they wish.

DISH is targeting a group called the millennials who represent a growing population that simply don’t want to pay for traditional television services. DISH’s Sling TV service is a result of the growing trend in the Pay-TV industry where viewers consume the bulk of their entertainment online and on various mobile devices.

The new service will cost around $20 dollars and has been reported to include channels like ESPN, Disney Channel, ABC Family, CNN, Food Network, TNT, HGTV, ESPN2, CBS, Adult Swim and more on-demand content. Additional packages will be available for an additional amount.

So when will it become available?

The service is scheduled to be fully launched and available to the general public in the upcoming weeks. Services are scheduled to be available on select internet-connected devices such as the new Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick as well as IOS Devices and Android mobile tablets and smartphones.

For those in the Treasure Valley (Boise, Meridian, Twin Falls, Nampa, Caldwell, Pocatello, Idaho Falls, Idaho, Eagle) who are interested in getting setup with this new service, be sure to contact Alpha Home Systems for more details regarding the exact launch date and options.

DISH’s Hopper Sling Adaptor vs. DirecTV’s GenieGo – A Quick Comparison

2014-12-19_15-41-24It really fascinates me to see the latest and revolutionary technological advancements especially in the TV industry. Who would have thought that watching TV on the go while away from home would be possible? Well, today it is! Although this feature is really interesting but honestly a few months back it didn’t matter to me much until my favorite contestant from American Idol got eliminated. He didn’t get votes and neither did I vote for him as I was away from home and I had missed the show. Well, though one vote from my side wouldn’t have saved the contestant from elimination but I missed the show and his last performance. If only I had access to the show on my phone, I could have watched it live.

So, this is when I finally decided to switch to a satellite TV service that offered this benefit and was economical too. Well, I came across two renowned services Dish and DirecTV. Initially it was very difficult to choose, but when I researched thoroughly I was clear on my selection. Here is what I found. This information might help you if you are also looking to switch:

Dish- Sling Adapter
For TV addicts, Dish brings the most advanced and value added device of the year Sling Adapter. This is a ground breaking technology that takes TV viewing to a new level. Now I can watch TV from anywhere at any time. I love it because I don’t have to rush home and make it on time before my favorite TV show is aired live. I can easily watch the show while I am at work or in the car through my smartphone.

Sling Adapter-This is a sleek slim device offered by Dish that allows viewers to watch TV from anywhere. It offers the easiest way to watch both recorded and live TV shows even when I am not home.

How it Works?

To use Sling Adapter to its maximum functionality, all I had to do was to connect the Hopper HD DVR to my high speed internet service. And then I attached the Sling Adapter to the DVR using the USB port.

Once I installed the Hardware, then I logged on to dishanywhere.com from my PC and downloaded the Dish Anywhere app on my smartphone. As soon as the download was complete, I was able to watch all my favorite recorded and live TV shows on my smartphone. The app is available for free.

What makes Hopper with Sling great is that this is not limited to a single powered platform. In fact whether you have an iPhone or Android phone or a tablet you can watch your shows anywhere.

Smart Features and Functions
Ø  Record up to 6 Shows

Here are some smart features of installing Hopper with sling adapter. Hopper is a HD DVR that allows me to record 6 programs simultaneously. Its primetime anytime feature enables me to record primetime shows on ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC.

Ø  TV Anywhere

With Sling Adapter connected to my Dish Hopper, I can in no time transform my personal computer, tablet and smartphone into a TV and watch my favorite shows from anywhere. Location does not matter anymore!

The TV anywhere features keeps me entertained all the time. Whether I am in the mood for music or sports or primetime drama I can watch any program I like on my smartphone with ease. Now there is no need to fight for the remote with other family members to watch the show of my choice.

Ø  Endless Choices

With Dish Sling, there are endless choices for viewers watching TV on smartphones. I can watch TV shows and movies from over 150 of the top rated channels without paying extra.

Ø  Manage DVR Content through Smartphone

I find this Sling function beneficial especially when I forget to set Hopper DVR on recording. Using the Sling technology connected to my DVR, now I can access live and recorded programming and also schedule recordings and edit DVR settings through my smartphone. So, even when I forget to set the DVR on recording, I can easily set it during the day without any hassle.

Ø  Hopper Transfers- Awesome for Offline Viewing

This feature supports offline viewing. It comes in handy when I lose my internet connection. With this feature, I can download, transfer and watch DVR recordings on my iPhone from anywhere. All I have to do is to select a recorded show to download on my phone. It takes around 30 minutes for the file to transcode and transfer.

DirecTV-Genie Go
With DirecTV Genie Go, TV goes mobile. It allows TV viewers to watch TV on the go at anytime and from anywhere. Location is not a barrier.

How it Works?

To install Genie Go app, first you need to connect DirecTV Genie HD DVR to your internet connection. Then install the Genie Go app on your device. Genie Go app copy and streams shows from DirecTV DVR to your smartphone.

Features and Functions
Ø  Copy Recorded Show and Watch Them Offline

With Genie Go you can download your recorded shows to your mobile phone and computer. You can watch the recorded shows on the go and keep yourself entertained even if you don’t have an internet connection.

Ø  Stream with Wi-Fi Connection without Downloading Shows

You can also stream shows from your HD DVR playlist on your cell phone or computer when you are home. You don’t need to download the shows.

Ø  Auto Download Series

This feature is really cool especially if you don’t want to miss your favorite TV show ever. This feature automatically prepares to sync a new episode of your favorite TV series on your computer or smartphone as soon as it is recorded on DirecTV HD DVR. All you need to do is set auto download series to “ON”. You can also see the progress of the content you are downloading.

Ø  Access up to 20 Hours of Recorded Programming

With Genie Go you can access up to 20 hours of recorded programming on your personal computer and mobile device.

DirecTV Genie Go vs. Dish Sling Adapter
Here are some differences between the two that I came across during my research:

Ø  Live Programming

With Dish Sling Adapter, you can watch both live and recorded shows even when you are away from home. However, this is not possible with DirecTV Genie Go. With Genie Go, you can only watch recorded shows on the go and only stream live shows when you are at home.

Ø  Channel Choices

Genie Go allows you to stream only 80 channels whereas with Sling Adapter, you can stream over 150 top rated channels. So if you are looking for a wide range of live streaming choices, then Dish Sling Adapter is definitely a better choice.

Ø  Browse the Guide and Schedule Recordings

Unlike DirecTV Genie Go, you can easily browse the guide and schedule recordings from your smartphone and tablet on Dish Hopper DVR using Sling. This is a fantastic feature especially if you have to change your daily routine unexpectedly and you can’t make it home to watch your favorite TV show live. Using Sling Dish Anywhere app, you can schedule a recording of the show from your mobile device and watch it without any commercials when you come back.

After comparing different features of both services Dish Sling and DirecTV Genie Go, I opted for Sling. Which one will you choose?